Anna Griffin’s New Book

Have you seen the new book from Anna Griffin? If not, you are missing out.


It is called Anna Griffin Decorative Card Making and available for purchase at See link below.

It is so lovely and done in true Anna Griffin elegance. It is 104 pages of pure loveliness. It has step by step instructions for each project and on the last several pages it has shape templates that you can copy, print and cut to make the exact designs in the book. We love this feature because so many times you want to follow project instructions but you may not have each and every die that were used in the projects. No worries, Anna has you covered. There are some 3-D flower stickers that Anna does (which are also sold on HSN) used in the book, however, it would be no problem to complete the projects in the book without those by substituting other embellishments or flowers you have in your stash.  We also love the fact that is is spiral bound so you can have the book opened flat on your work surface and follow the project directions.

Clearly this book was well thought out and a labor of love as everything that Anna does is. If you have never had the pleasure of working with papers by Anna Griffin check those out too when you are browsing HSN. Anna does beautifully elegant scrapbooking papers and cardstock, as well as lovely embellishments such as stickers that look like lace and much more.

You can purchase Anna’s new book here:

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