We keep our sponsorship program simple and straightforward. Here’s how it works…

Banner sponsorship is $150.00 per year. Your banner ad will be placed in our banner slider on the left sidebar, which shows on multiple pages throughout the site.

Your graphic image(s) will be linked to your website.

You are required to provide the image for your banner ad.

Image Requirements:

Left Sidebar Slider 275 px X 275 px

Link Requirements:

Please provide the exact URL you would like for your image to link to.

Newsletter Feature:

We send a monthly newsletter to all of our members. Newsletter features are $100.00 per feature. We can feature your company as a whole or focus on a particular product or product line you would like to draw attention to.

Newsletter Requirements:

You are required to provide the text and photos for your newsletter feature. HTML newsletters should be no wider than 600 px wide so newsletter photos should be no wider than  600 px in portrait or landscape mode. We can feature up to six photos per newsletter feature. Please also provide us with the exact URL(s) you would like your text and/or photos linked to. Please e mail us for questions related to advertising using the form below. When you contact us we will be able to tell you the next monthly newsletter availability.

Tip Tuesday Feature

If you want to showcase a particular product that will make crafting more efficient and productive for our members you can feature a Tip featuring your product on our Tip Tuesday feature. Tip Tuesday features are $50.00 per feature and are posted every Tuesday. You are required to provide images and the text for features.

About Product Reviews

If you would like for us to provide a review(s) for products or classes, please contact us using the form below. Once product(s) have been received, or online class login info has been provided, please give us up to 4 weeks to test the product(s) and post a review to our site.

Questions? Please e mail us using the form below.

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